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Sculpsure Body Sculpting

Most of us have that little bit of fat in our midsection that we just can’t get rid of. Exercise, dieting, weight loss-programs; nothing seems to work. Thankfully, there is one procedure that you should consider.

We are excited to be one of the first medical clinics in Fort Lauderdale to offer SculpSure, a non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring treatment used to reduce or eliminate fat. In less than a half-hour, you can reduce that stubborn fat that sits on various parts of your body, such as your abdomen or love handles. If you would like to make an appointment for a SculpSure treatment at Genesis Health Institute, contact us or call ☎ (954) 561-3175 today!

SculpSure Procedure

SculpSure body contouring procedure is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared treatment that uses a heat-laser belt to administer specific energy wavelengths and heat to certain areas of the body in order to permanently destroy and remove fat cells. Individuals who are best suited for SculpSure have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less, as the procedure is not meant to be a weight loss treatment. Specifically, the FDA has approved SculpSure to treat the:

  • Upper abdominal area
  • Lower abdominal area
  • Flanks

The entire procedure takes about 25 minutes. Before your first SculpSure treatment, you may be asked to avoid blood thinners and painkillers in order to prevent bruising. During your SculpSure, you will be asked to lay on a table, and a healthcare provider will mark your body to indicate where to place the belt. The laser that the belt uses can reach temperatures of about 116.6°F, which is hot enough to kill fat cells but not harm your other tissues. You may experience a tingling sensation, but no pain, as well as a cooling and heating sensation, as the SculpSure device is also equipped with a cooling pad to prevent you from feeling the heat.

SculpSure For Men

SculpSure can be used to sculpt a man’s body into a lean and masculine shape. For men who are having difficulty removing abdomen fat with sit-ups, SculpSure can be used to help. As men often accumulate fat deposits in their hips, SculpSure can be used to reduce or remove the love handles that sometimes the most rigorous workout routine won’t. SculpSure can also be used to remove the fat from your thighs that a running regimen wont.

SculpSure Results

On average, one SculpSure procedure can reduce the amount of fat in a treated area by 24 percent. Due to being destroyed with the laser, these fat cells will not grow back. The initial results of the treatment can be seen as soon as 6 weeks, while the full results may be seen in about 12 weeks. If you believe that you need more than one SculpSure treatment to achieve your desired results, another can be performed at least 6-12 weeks after the first treatment.

SculpSure Recovery

There is usually little to no recovery time after the SculpSure treatment. In the following weeks, your body’s lymphatic system will naturally remove the eliminated fat cells. You may also experience some soreness, bruising or stiffness in the treated area, though these effects will go away in time.

Request Your Appointment Today

Some of us may need a little help with getting rid of fat from time to time. If you are interested in SculpSure, Fort Lauderdale is your destination for a slimmer you! Don’t delay; contact us or call ☎ (954) 561-3175 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SculpSure Body Contouring?

SculpSure body contouring is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses a combination of heat and lasers to permanently remove fat cells from the upper or lower abdomen and love handles to create a thinner midsection.

Does SculpSure Work?

Yes. The procedure has been FDA approved, and data from Cynosure − the creator of the procedure − shows that about 24% of fat is removed after one SculpSure treatment.

Does SculpSure Tighten Skin?

While SculpSure is not intended to tighten skin, it will also not create any loose skin when it reduces or removes your fat deposits.

Is SculpSure Painful?

No. While the treatment may cause a minor pinching or tingling sensation on the skin, no numbing agent or anesthesia is needed.

Who Is SculpSure for?

The ideal candidate for SculpSure is anyone with a BMI of 30 or less, as the treatment is not meant to be a form of weight loss for anyone obese.

Where on My Body Can SculpSure Remove Fat?

The FDA has approved SculpSure to remove the fat on your upper and lower abdominal area, as well as your flanks.

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