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Wrinkles. Sagging skin. Acne scars. Rosacea flare-ups. UV ray sun damage. Are the usual culprits making you look older than you feel? Do you daydream of lush, smooth, blemish-free skin? Sciton's cutting-edge SkinTyte Laser may just be the skin care technology that turns those daydreams into realities.

SkinTyte Fort Lauderdale

Genesis Health Institute is proud to offer this groundbreaking treatment option. Applying BroadBand Light (BBL)™ technology, the world's most powerful Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device, SkinTyte's gentle and effective energy smooths out the texture and corrects discoloration, producing a silky-smooth glow - without the risks, costs, and long recovery times required by cosmetic surgery and chemical peels.

Carefree, healthy looks are just a call away. You deserve them. Reserve your appointment today by calling our skilled, compassionate skincare technicians at ☎ (954) 561-3175 or contact us here.

What Skin Conditions Does SkinTyte Treat?

Our specialists at the Genesis Health Institute have been studying and successfully treating a huge variety of skin conditions for well over 10 years. Age, ethnic heritage, texture, skin type - we've seen it all, and we've earned our expertise from the challenges our patients have presented.

Now it's your turn to enjoy the rewards of our compassion, study, and dedication. We're honored to take this journey of rediscovery with you - offering our assistance, guidance, education, and encouragement every step of the way.

The SkinTyte Laser can successfully treat:

  • wrinkles
  • sun damage
  • erythema (reddened skin)
  • enlarged pores
  • sagging skin
  • acne scarring
  • rosacea
  • broken capillaries
  • hyperpigmentation (sun spots and age spots)
  • loss of firmness
  • supplemental skin tightening: before or after a face or neck lift, laser surgery, chemical peel, Botox injection, collagen or dermal filler injections, or in combination with microdermabrasion

Modern, fast, and safe - that's the power of the SkinTyte system.

SkinTyte Results Fort Lauderdale

How Does SkinTyte Work?

The SkinTyte Laser is one of the most innovative and exciting skincare technologies ever invented. You get all the benefits of a groundbreaking aesthetic procedure without the negative downsides of cosmetic surgery.

SkinTyte offers a unique approach to skin therapy. Blending powerful infrared broadband light with a built-in cooling system for your comfort, the laser heats your top layers of skin as well as its collagen (the building blocks of healthy new skin) in a process called neocollagenesis, which is a fancy word for "new collagen creation".

The heating process also stimulates your body's natural healing process, producing a stronger, firmer base of collagen that tightens and evens out your skin's texture, and reduces acne scars.

SkinTyte Benefits

SkinTyte offers benefits where lesser skincare systems fall short. These include:

  • non-invasive and non-surgical: you can go back to your daily activities right away, with no wounds, infection, or scarring to worry about
  • versatile: SkinTyte can be used on all skin types to treat most skin conditions - without losing convenience or efficacy
  • multi-functional: SkinTyte can be combined with most other skin care treatments, including Botox and dermal filler injections
  • flexible: you can receive treatment mostly anywhere on your body
  • fast and easy: unlike aesthetic surgery, chemical peels, or other invasive techniques, SkinTyte is quick, nearly painless, and requires no special preparation
  • convenient: Dr. Cabrera personally performs your procedure in his modern, comfortably appointed Wilton Manors office - never off-site

Am I a good SkinTyte candidate?

If you have a treatable cosmetic skin condition, you'll most likely qualify for SkinTyte treatment. The following medical conditions may preclude you from this procedure:

  • pregnancy/nursing
  • herpes or other STDs
  • certain immune system disorders
  • a pacemaker or other electronically implanted device
  • extreme or severe skin disorders
  • certain medications
  • certain ages

During your consultation, be sure to discuss any medical conditions or medications you are taking that might sensitize you to light, affect wound healing, or interrupt blood clotting. Be sure to tell Dr. Cabrera if you've taken Accutane during the past year, as this can affect your SkinTyte candidacy.

To discuss your current medical situation and potential contraindications in greater detail, book your appointment today and speak with Dr. Cabrera during your initial consultation.

Getting Your SkinTyte Treatment

First, you'll meet with Dr. Cabrera to discuss your skin type, your current skin condition and other medical conditions, any medications you're taking, your expectations, and any concerns you may have. Please feel free to speak openly and honestly - we're here for you, so take as much time as you need to feel comfortable with your treatment options.Then you and Dr. Cabrera will create a customized treatment plan based on your needs and expectations. This consultation step is crucial for getting the results you desire and minimizing the chances of any negative side effects.

Before your appointment, it's important to remove all cosmetics or creams from your treatment area. If you're male, it's important to shave immediately before receiving your treatment. If you have any open sores or blisters in your treatment area, including herpetic sores, your treatment may be delayed temporarily.

In our suite, you'll be asked to lie down or sit in a comfortable position. If you're feeling nervous, you can ask for a mild sedative. Your eyes will be protected with safety shields or glasses.

Dr. Cabrera will then pass the handheld device over your skin a number of times. The SkinTyte technology emits a safe and gentle infrared light as it treats your skin. Though it heats your skin during the process, the device's built-in cooling technology will prevent any discomfort. While most patients handle their treatments with little or no pain, you can request a topical anesthetic to numb your treatment area. The treatment is generally not painful and most patients report feeling little or no discomfort.

Your treatment time will vary depending on the area being treated and the severity of your skin condition. Most treatments last between 60-90 minutes, and there's no invasive downtime afterward. You'll be able to resume most of your activities immediately, though it's best to rest and avoid physically demanding activities for about 24 hours.

Dr. Cabrera will be happy to discuss these details with you during your consultation.

SkinTyte Treatment Results

After your treatment, you may experience mild facial swelling. This is a normal part of the neocollagenesis process. You should see noticeable results after just one treatment and the swelling goes away, which usually takes no longer than a day or two.

Deeper wrinkles or more dramatic improvements typically require 3-5 treatments spaced out over the next 3-6 months. Severe acne scarring generally won't vanish using SkinTyte alone, but it can be effective when paired with laser skin resurfacing.

Over the next few months, you'll begin noticing your skin's smooth, silky radiance, fine line, and wrinkle reduction, and gorgeously renewed contour. Following a healthy skin care regimen, using sunscreen, and staying hydrated goes a long way toward keeping your skin looking fresh and brilliant.

As with any medical procedure, treatment results vary from patient to patient depending on age, genetics, general health, condition severity, follow-up care, and environmental factors. Consult Dr. Cabrera before embarking on your treatment journey.

SkinTyte Results Fort Lauderdale

SkinTyte Aftercare

Immediately after your treatment, it's best to avoid sun exposure unless it's absolutely necessary - especially for the first 24 hours. Avoid long periods of sun exposure.

After 24 hours, your skin swelling will reduce and you can resume your daily activities, but it's very important to protect your skin with sunscreen. For best results, following Dr. Cabrera's aftercare instructions is absolutely crucial.

Does SkinTyte Cause Any Side Effects?

Most patients report few or no side effects. However, all medical procedures present the possibility of some side effects. These can include:

  • skin swelling: an expected reaction to treatment that resolves within 24 hours
  • slight pain or redness: typically resolves within a few hours to a day
  • scarring, blistering, or bruising: occurs very rarely (fewer than 1% of patients)

Be sure to follow Dr. Cabrera's instructions precisely until your skin is healed completely. You can expect full healing after one week following your treatment. Your facial skin may need more time to heal than other treatment areas.

Severe side effects are extremely rare. But if you experience any severe side effects, don't wait - call Dr. Cabrera or get emergency medical attention right away. These can include:

  • extreme pain or burning
  • blistering or oozing from your treatment area
  • nausea or vomiting
  • fever
  • dizziness or fainting
  • heart palpitations

SkinTyte Treatment Cost

Your treatment cost will vary depending on your desired treatment area, your current medical situation, the number of sessions and intensity required. Speak with our team of professional specialists to discuss your cost and payment options in greater detail.

Currently, SkinTyte treatment is not covered by medical insurance.

Reserve Your Appointment

Skin wrinkles, acne scarring, rosacea, or discoloration can take a serious toll on your appearance and self-confidence. Maybe you've thought these conditions were permanent, but our team at Genesis Health Institute is happy to offer you the SkinTyte laser system as the therapy you've been looking for.

Why endure the costs, risks, and long recovery times of cosmetic surgery when you can take advantage of this non-invasive and virtually pain-free outpatient option?

Your journey to a happier, naturally gorgeous new you can begin today. Reserve your appointment in Wilton Manors today by calling our team of caring, skilled aesthetic specialists at ☎ (954) 561-3175 or contact us here right now.

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